Elevated Wanderlust

I have always loved writing, I think I get that from my Grandpa who is always writing beautiful and funny poems. Not to brag but I am a published author. I wrote a truly mesmeric poem called “Sunsets” in Elementary school. It was so good that my grandparents even bought a copy. I remember in 4th grade I used to lock myself in my grandparents computer room and just write story after story. Once I had successfully finished writing my masterpiece I would proudly print off two individual copies; one for my grandparents and one for my 4th grade teacher. She always complimented my ability of giving the characters realistic scenarios. So much so, she called DFS and I had to have an interview with the “smiley face investigators”. Now that I have grown up I have decided to share my stories and experiences on here instead of the paper to print off two copies of each article. I keep life interesting and can’t wait to start this journey!

So lets laugh and experience life together.

Recent Posts:

When will I learn..

I am the girl that dyes or cuts her hair every single time I get overly stressed. I was doing fantastic through out this quarantine if anything I was treating it better than I ever have before. I wasn’t straightening or curling it. I wasn’t washing every single day and was giving it little oil…

Tuesday’s Top Tips For Great Skin

Using a cleanser in the morning and evening is a MUST Moisturize EVERY. Single. Day Use serums that help your skin repair and restore Use a facial peel serum once a week Use face masks twice weekly NEVER squeeze blemishes and pimples ALWAYS use SPF Steam your face once a month Exfoliate your skin Wash…


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