Learn To Live; Live To Learn


One of the most powerful things to implement in your life, is the idea that you must always make happiness your biggest priority. Personal happiness is the key to a good life, and will improve your self-esteem and health. Happiness has a natural way of lightening your energy and filling you with hope for the future. We are all emotional beings, there is no way to stop our emotions and stay healthy. Since our emotions are something that we cannot get rid of, it is important that we begin to regulate these emotions and that we strive to attain more happiness and less sadness. Just as you outgrew your clothes as a child there are times when you will outgrow friendships as well. As you age you begin to implement a new lifestyle and as will your peers, this does not mean you are by any means a toxic person and vice versa. It’s important to regulate your emotions and feelings to avoid  bottling everything up and spiraling out of control, Now when I say regulate I do not mean that we should try to control our emotions what I mean is that we can control the focus of our attention so that we begin to experience more of the things that we like and less of the things that bring us grief.  This is referred to as emotional resilience. Your resilience refers to your ability to cope and adapt to crises or stressful situations. Emotional resilience refers to how you use your emotions to develop your capability to manage your resilience.  I never made the effort to understand my emotions instead I would lash out towards people that I cared about for not meeting the expectations I had created for them in order to help me  “find happiness.” I didn’t take into consideration anyone else’s feelings, I very selfishly put my emotions above others with out taking a step back and understanding they too were struggling because I had yet to understand the importance of understanding my emotions. This awareness has helped me in identifying negative behaviors and patterns with out looking for excuses for my behavior. I no longer cling on to the negative experiences  that once caused an unimaginable amount of grief, rage, and resentment. This is a huge milestone for me as a person as I am able empathize with myself as a person and start to forgive myself for things that happened in the past. I understand that life is hard but through this pain I  am connected with the rest of humanity. I know every mountain I climb is making me stronger for whatever the world throws at me next. As I begin this journey to  reaching my full potential I have come to terms that I will outgrow relationships that I once couldn’t picture myself with out. I was terrified of being alone but have had no choice but to face that fear. I can now focus on my path to self awareness and emotional well being. We are holding ourselves back by investing out time into relationships that are no longer helping us grow. We can’t be afraid to walk away from  a friendship/relationship just because these are people we had hoped would be in our lives forever. Some people are not loyal to you, they are loyal to their need of you; meaning once you are no longer doing as they please they are quick to leave you behind. Pay very close attention to who stands by you when you fall; those are the people you need to be investing your time in. Letting go leads to self-awareness and self-actualization. You begin to make smarter choices in order to lead an optimal life. You start to focus on what it is you want out of life. The kind of people you want to share your journey with, the kind of lifestyle you want to lead. You focus on what makes YOU happy, regardless of the opinions of others. You start to clear your mind from the clutter of your negativity and you begin to make an effort to do things that make you happy ‘Mind your own business and let other people mind theirs.’ As long as you are being the kind, considerate and happy person you intended when you decided to be born who cares what the ‘extras’ in life think of you. After all, you really are the star so shine your light and let others shine with you or fade into your shadows.  You have overcome every obstacle  that has been thrown your way,  Sometimes you have to be at rock bottom in order to see who is going to be there with you through  the good and the bad. These are your true friends. A friend once told me “The best revenge is happiness.”  Our first step to happiness is finding the root cause to why we are so unhappy in the circumstance we are currently in and allowing ourselves to be human by learning from our past.

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