Photo by Madison Inouye on Pexels.com
  1. Put your phone away. Social media is not the real deal. People only post about the good in their lives with out mentioning all of the pain, sweat and heartache that went into getting that “perfect picture”
  2. Go outside. We are living creatures which means we need our Vitamin C to survive. Depending on how stressed I am, I will sometimes just lay on the cement and stare up at the sky. This helps me rationalize whatever situation I am as well as provide a visual for how minuscule my problem is compared to the whole wide world.
  3. Read a book. Any book. I personally love getting so lost in a book that when I finally look away hours have passed in what seemed like minutes. I enjoy self help books a lot but I do not ever find myself excitedly flipping through the pages to see what lesson is next like I do a good fictional book. I did just start reading a new book called The Upside To Being Down by Jen Gotch. I have started to create a new habit by putting aside 15 minutes so I can read. This is a good read and definitely goes over some relatable topics when it comes to managing life with mental health struggles.
  4. Take a long hot shower. Not one of those quick rinse showers. I’m talking about one of those hour long showers where everyone asks what you could have possibly been up to for so long. I’ll sometimes add a few drops of lavender essential oils to help calm my nerves. I sit there and focus on the water coming from the shower head. Showers are the one place I am able to actually relax and rationally think about anything that may be causing me stress. Or a long bath with Epson Salt will do the trick too!
  5. Pamper yourself. Go to the store and buy a face mask, some new make up, some nail polish, a book, etc. This is my little cheat for meditation. Often, I am focused on each brush of color I apply onto my nails… I’m not thinking about anything other than perfecting my nails with each stroke of the brush.
  6. Call someone you love or send them a message. Talking to someone in general not only gives you a kind of release from everything you’ve built up but it also reassures the little voice in your head that you will always have someone you can turn to.
  7. Write in a journal. I’ve always written in a journal. It’s a crazy feeling when you go back even just 6 months and see how much progress you have made. Write exactly how you’re feeling. Write down everything you’re feeling and try to find a resolution to whatever is on your mind.
  8. Go for a drive. Roll your windows down and turn on your favorite music. There’s this nostalgia I get every time I turn the music up with my windows down. I am taken back to a time when life was much simpler.
  9. Try a new recipe. Go on pinterest find one of those mouth watering food options and bring your inner chef out. Once you have successfully created your dish you will feel accomplished and as though you are one step closer with this adulting thing.
  10. Work out. I am being a huge hypocrite here because I hate working out. One time, I signed up for a kickboxing class. This was my first ever actual work out (unless you count freshman soccer).Girl, when I tell you that when I finished my first session I was on top of the world. I had never felt so accomplished or that form of Euphoria before. This club had me signing up for a 2 year membership (which was way overpriced) because they brought it up while my endorphins from the work out were at its peak! I ended up cancelling the next day because my body was SORE. If your like me, me being someone whose longest work out is walking my dog around the block; I would start slow or download an app to help you starting out.

Obviously, there’s a plethora of things that you can do when your in a funk and can’t get out of bed. Honestly, the first step is the hardest… getting and staying out of bed.

Please feel free to comment with anything you would like to add. Let’s be honest, most of us have probably run our self care routines dry so any new ideas will be greatly appreciated.

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