I Can’t Believe This Is Actually Happening…


I made an impulse decision to quit my full time job that provided benefits so that I could move to France with my boyfriend for a year.I provided my written notice to vacate, changed my phone plan, got tested for Covid-19, and packed up my entire apartment into two suit cases. I even arranged for a guy to take care of Ziggy (my dog-the love of my life) who is undoubtedly the most high-maintenance and dramatic ball of fur you’ll ever meet while I embarked on this new journey. As we were on our way to the airport; I felt a sigh of relief. I’ve gotta admit, I was super questionable on whether or not this would actually follow through. With all of the travel restiction’s due to Coronavirus I pictured us needing a BUNCH of paperwork but my boyfriend reassured me that everything was good to go and we were moving to France.

We get to the airport and I excitedly jumped out of the car and struggled to maneuver the rollers on our carry on bags into the airport. My boyfriend is greeted by the woman at the front desk who did not seem overly thrilled to be working. I smile through my mask and confidently hand her my passport. BF hands her his along with the additional paperwork we needed showing we met the criteria to be an exception. If you weren’t aware, France is not allowing ANY travelers from the United States unless you fall into the categories of student, resident, humanitarian, doctor, fisher, dependents of French citizens, and something else. The category for “employment purposes” was not listed on the updated travel advisory. She made a few phone calls but unfortunately the answer did not change. We were not going to France that day or anytime relatively soon. BF let his team know in which people through out ideas such as flying to a different country like Italy and from there flying to France. There aren’t any check points when you fly through out the European Union. That sounded like a good idea until we realized that we wouldn’t legally be in France which means if either of us were to get hurt or sick we could find ourselves in trouble. His coaches are trying to get him like a special “Talent” Long Term Visa but in all honesty I nobody knows a DEFINITE outcome.

I low key pumped myself up on Pinterest re-posting all of those quotes like “Quit your job and book a flight. Tomorrow is not guaranteed.” or “Make memories not money”. I CREATED A BLOG TO DOCUMENT MY ADVENTURES TRAVELING THE WORLD.

Right now, we are staying hopeful and optimistic that we will have everything figured out. We luckily still have a few necessities like a place to stay, sleep, eat, and we went and picked up Zigs. I am actually cleaning cleaning and getting everything a little more organized so that whatever happens it’ll be an easy move. I am super hopeful that we will still be able to move to Europe. Prayers, good vibes, and thoughts are VERY appreciated. I’ll keep you updated!

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