A Girl’s Bestfriend


Meet Ziggy my best friend in the whole entire world. I would seriously do anything in the world for this little guy and if you know me personally, you are probably fully aware of my obsession with my dog. I honestly can’t even remember what my life was like before I adopted this guy and wouldn’t want to. I remember it was April 26, 2016 and I was mindlessly browsing the variety of puppies on Facebook that were looking for their forever home. Suddenly, I was interrupted by an ad for “Free Puppies”. See, I have a problem to saying no when it comes to something that is being given away for free. I excitedly messaged the woman who posted the ad to see if she still had any fur babies looking for a furever home. She almost immediately responded stating they were still available and began sending me pictures of my soon to be baby. I drove 4 hours away from home that night and met this random stranger at local a Walmart. (I know, this could have easily gone South) We both got out of our cars and she gently handed over this beautiful, blonde little boy. I was so happy that I started crying and from that point on I knew he was the boy for me. He was perfect and I knew from then on, we would always be able to rely on one another. The woman informed me that she found him and his brothers and sisters in a field by their home. She assumed someone had just dumped them on the side of the highway as that’s a common thing to do out in the country. WHAT?? Who in their right mind would abandon a litter of puppies on the side of the road to fend for themselves? Heartless. Anyways, I brought him to the vet the following day to make sure he wasn’t sick from the nights he spent outside, all alone.

*side note* 

Did you know they have pet insurance that you pay monthly for however many months and you are still responsible to make those monthly payments even if your beloved pet dies? That is one of the most heartless plans I have ever heard of. I can’t imagine losing a part of my family and then being reminded of it on a monthly basis because I was trying to be responsible by having pet insurance on my dog, MIND BLOWING & SAD!!! 

*side note ended*

 $350.00 and a flea bath later, we were on our way home from the vet, As I was driving home I was consumed by a feeling of guilt and remorse. I didn’t even have a secure place to stay and now I have taken on the responsibility of taking care of an innocent puppy. I could hardly afford taking care of myself let alone another living thing.  I didn’t have the financial security to take care of this new pet that I whimsically picked up on an impulse. My mind began thinking of every single negative outcomes and I started to believe that this dog would be better with out me. I could hardly afford to pay for myself to eat let alone a dog. For all I know, I picked the dog that had the horrible puppy disease and I was going to get attached to this dog just to see him die.  I decided to call my dad and set him straight. I needed to be put in my place after all it was MY FATHER’s fault for not stopping me. He should not have allowed me to just go get a dog on a whim. I didn’t have a clue about what it would take to care or train a dog. I continue to remind my father how irresponsible I was. I mean how annoying, why had my dad not just said no. He knows I have no business trying to take care of another living thing. I was annoyed with him for not stopping me from getting this dog that I was going to have to care for. My dad quickly intercepted and calmly responded with “Claud, that dog could not be in better hands. No one is going to be able to love that dog the way you will. It’s all good. We will figure it out.” I took a deep breath and processed my dad’s confidence in me. He was right, I was going to love this puppy more than anything.

Now, four years later, I am confident that he is the best thing that could have ever happened to me. He has been my shoulder to cry on during some of the hardest moments I’ll ever experience in my life. He has laid with me through days of depression and was sometimes the only reason I would get up. He is a handful at times but I wouldn’t trade him for the world. He has never fallen short of giving me his unconditional love and he will always have mine. This little boy has become so much more than just a dog or pet. He is my family so when others say “It’s just a dog” I am almost always offended because yes, he is just a dog but you are just an asshole human who clearly lacks empathy if you think he is JUST A DOG.

Share your animal stories and pictures with me! Hopefully, I am not the only person who is obsessed with their furbaby!

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