To Love An Addict

Loving an addict is being able to do whatever you want 
with out having a concern for the repercussions.
It's going on long car rides just so we could listen to music and he could enjoy a few beers.
It's getting to have an entire house to yourself at 12 years old.
Loving an addict is asking what's in their Styrofoam cup and being assured it was just water.
It's taking a drink of that water and instead getting a huge gulp of whiskey.
Loving an addict is comforting your knight in shining armor 
when his demons caught up with him. 
It's throwing cheap glass liqueur bottles in the driveway as you're overwhelmed with fear and disappointment.
Loving an addict is giving your entire heart to someone, 
only to learn that you just didn't have quite enough.
It's staying up all night to make sure they made it home safely
and skipping school the following day to catch up on sleep.
It's telling other people in your family that you dimwittedly knocked the priceless Chine Cabinet over to avoid any showing any signs that WE couldn't handle this.
Loving an addict is seeing defeat in Superman's eye's
when he's realized he's no match when it comes to this kryptonite.
It's begging on your hands and knees with tears rolling down your face
as you beg him not to make you drive him to the liqueur store
Loving an addict is to stop your own world and help make theirs go round.
It's the countless unwanted treatments and being so optimistic that this would save him.
It's the painful realization that you come second to a substance. 
It's the realization that you are not enough for him to want to get sober.
Loving an addict is to become addicted to trying to save them
Loving an addict is still loving and having faith in HIM even when he falls,
It's loving the HUMAN so much so, that regardless of his flaws you still see the superhero he's always been and believing in his strength to get better. 
Loving an addict is selfishly wanting him back on Earth with me but trusting he is in a better place, at peace, and reassuring him in your thoughts that you love him past pluto and around the earth infinitely.

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