When will I learn..

About Me

I am the girl that dyes or cuts her hair every single time I get overly stressed. I was doing fantastic through out this quarantine if anything I was treating it better than I ever have before. I wasn’t straightening or curling it. I wasn’t washing every single day and was giving it little oil and serum treatments. My natural curls were finally starting to cooperate with me and my roots had grown out so much so that it looked like I’d purposely ombréd it. It looked good and I wouldn’t have to worry about dying it while in France so it was a lazy win.

Well, guess who finally hit the point of being so stressed dying her hair was the only solution!? Me. It gets even better… I didn’t go with simple blonde highlights or my usual brown box dye. I didn’t even go with a red or a purplish dark brown. I was feeling adventurous and different; something that made my eyes pop. That’s when, as if it was meant to be, I laid my eyes upon a deep teal temporary dye. At the time, I pictured myself with a few peek a boo highlights of teal and with it being temporary they’d wash right out. I didn’t have to bleach my hair either because it was made for lightish brown hair. Okay, awesome. This is going to be great. What could possibly go wrong..

When I let my hair naturally dry, I looked exactly like Joaquin Phoenix’s role in Joker.. Don’t get me wrong, it was cute when I spent 2 hours straightening and curling my hair and another hour doing my makeup. Sadly, you could not pay me to do this every single day. I showered 22 times……. Nothing. This dye stated 7-14 washes. So, I remembered from a prior hair dye mishap that dawn dish soap and heat fade/remove the color from your hair. So I drenched my hair in some Dawn dish soap scrubbed it until my knuckles were sore and let it ”process” for like 20 minutes before washing it out. I then sat in the shower and allowed hot water to run through my hair ask I scrubbed it for another 20 minutes. Mind you, THIS IS TEMPORARY DYE but to my surprise when my hair dried it was just as vibrant of a green as I started with. Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with colorful hair but my grandmother would quite possibly pass out if I presented her with luscious green locks. (She’s very traditional.) I’m nervous to dye it a different color because I know there’s a science behind dye colors mixing and turning into a horrid color. So learn from my mistakes.. go see a professional…………… hair dresser or therapist. Whichever you see more fit

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